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AceTech Brighter CS Tracer Unit M14 CCW, Space Gray

AceTech Brighter CS Tracer Unit M14 CCW, Space Gray

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Airsoft Station brings to you the AceTech Brighter CS Tracer Unit, now in sleek Space Gray. The AceTech Brighter CS Tracer Unit is a fine piece of technology that gives airsoft enthusiasts the ability to bring the ultimate experience in performance speed to the field with a clean design.

The Brighter CS Tracer can achieve a burst speed of 35 rounds per second (RPS) or more, making it one of the fastest tracer units to enter the market. This ensures each projectile is illuminated for a realistic, visually appealing experience during nighttime games or in low light.

The unit possesses an M14 female CCW thread, with an included M14 CCW to M11 CW adapter for very wide compatibility with many airsoft guns. This, therefore, makes it easy to implement on different guns and therefore in the top league of the majority of its players.

These will take both green tracer BBs and water BBs, allowing different types of gameplay. So, whether you prefer classic green tracer rounds or one of a kind water BBs, the unit has you covered.

The dimensions of the tracer unit are incredibly small, with an overall length of just 77mm and a diameter of 28mm. Being lightweight, it does not affect the balance or handling of your airsoft gun, making for a very comfortable fit in your system.

In this sleek Space Gray, the tracer unit gains that extra aesthetic touch to match and enhance the overall look of your airsoft gun. It is slim and modern, which means it will blend with a wide array of color schemes and style options.

The AceTech Brighter CS Tracer Unit M14 CCW is a must-have for any airsoft player who would like to take the game a notch higher with a combination of speed, versatility, and style. Its high-speed burst capability, compatibility with various BBs, and a sleek design make it the product of choice for most players looking to improve their airsoft experience.

Visit Airsoft Station to view these and many more cutting-edge tracer units. Light up your next game.


  • Innovative design activates with a simple shake, eliminating the need for a switch.
  • IP64 rated for reliable performance in both sunny and rainy conditions.
  • Compatible with green luminous and gel BBs, ideal for all airsoft night games.
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight at only 32 grams, for hassle-free portability.
  • Versatile usage as both a standalone tracer unit or integrated into a silencer.
  • Features a built-in lithium battery, providing up to 20,000 shots per charge.
  • Capable of handling up to 35 RPS, offering brighter illumination than standard tracers.
Thread Direction:
14mm Counter Clockwise
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