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AceTech Predator MKIII Tracer Unit w/ Bifrost Module, Black

AceTech Predator MKIII Tracer Unit w/ Bifrost Module, Black

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The AceTech Predator MKIII Tracer Unit with Bifrost Module is a must-have accessory for your Raider Predator MKIII Thor. Designed and manufactured by AceTech, a trusted brand in the airsoft industry, this tracer unit delivers outstanding performance and functionality.

Constructed with high-quality aluminum material, the AceTech Predator MKIII Tracer Unit ensures durability and reliability. Its sleek black finish adds a tactical touch to your airsoft setup. The compact size of 139.3mm in length and 42mm in diameter makes it easy to install and maneuver during intense gameplay. The package includes the Predator MKIII Tracer Unit, Quick Detach Flash Hider (M14-), Bifrost M module, USB Type-C charging cable, Tracer Unit Protection Case, and a user manual. The Quick Detach Flash Hider allows for easy attachment and removal of the tracer unit.

Equipped with the innovative Bifrost Module, this tracer unit offers enhanced performance and versatility. The Bifrost module enhances the tracer effect, ensuring maximum visibility of your BBs during low-light or night games. Illuminate your shots and track their trajectory with ease. The AceTech Predator MKIII Tracer Unit is user-friendly and comes with a USB Type-C charging cable for convenient charging. The unit features intelligent power control, automatically activating with movement and entering sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life.

Upgrade your airsoft experience with the AceTech Predator MKIII Tracer Unit with Bifrost Module. Get yours today and take your gameplay to the next level with superior performance and exceptional reliability. Trust AceTech and Airsoft Station for all your airsoft needs.


  • 11 different modes available for multi-color flame function, including mono flame, RGB multi-layer mode, and bifrost mode
  • Made with highly-durable aluminum alloy construction for long-lasting performance
  • Intelligent Power Control feature conserves battery life and activates with movement
  • Compatible with standard airsoft, green tracer, and gel BBs for versatile use
  • Predator MKIII with Quick Detach (QD) design for easy attachment and removal
  • Inner space of Predator MKIII is 30mm in diameter and 54mm in length, providing ample room for installation
  • IP64 dirt and water-resistant rating ensures durability in various weather conditions
  • Two tracer modes available - standard and sniper modes - for different gameplay preferences
  • Enhance the visibility of your BBs with the vibrant and customizable flame effects
  • Choose from 11 different modes to create dynamic and eye-catching tracer effects during gameplay
Thread Direction:
14mm Counter Clockwise
Package Includes:
Predator MKIII, Quick Detach Flash Hider (M14-), Bifrost M, USB Type-C, Charging Cable, Tracer Unit Protection Case, User manual
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