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Air Venturi .20 Cal Quick Cleaning Pellets, 80ct

Air Venturi .20 Cal Quick Cleaning Pellets, 80ct

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Air Venturi Quick Cleaning Pellets are perfect for keeping your .20 cal. Pellet gun shooting at its best. This 80-piece pack comprises cleansing pellets that can clear all the dirt, debris, and lead build-up to make sure your pellet gun is truly spotless.

Air Venturi has designed these cleaning pellets with the perfect cleaning pellet design in the pellet gun industry. Whether you have a PCP, CO2, or a multi-pump air gun, these are perfect for keeping your barrel clean and free of obstructions.

The pellets work as quickly as that. Just load them into the airgun like regular ammo and shoot them out the barrel.

These pellets are designed to an exact size and weight so that they cannot cause any damage it after the cleaning process is over. Cleaning pellets should be kept in mind that they are light in weight, so you can never shoot it through guns, which are spring-driven.

Owning a spring gun, however, one can still use these cleaning pellets to clean them by pushing them through the barrel with a cleaning rod. Keep your airgun ready, locked, and loaded with Air Venturi .20 Cal Quick Cleaning Pellets. Never allow dirt and grime to be the issue of missing the perfect shot again—agree to Air Venturi .20 Cal Quick Cleaning Pellets today from Airsoft Station.


  • Designed for .20 caliber pellet guns
  • Effectively cleans out dirt, debris, and lead accumulation
  • Suitable for all pellet gun types
  • Note: For spring guns, use a rod to manually push through the barrel as the pellets are too light to shoot through
For .20 caliber pellet guns
Air Venturi
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