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ASG Multiple Grenade Launcher, Desert

ASG Multiple Grenade Launcher, Desert

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ASG Multiple Grenade Launcher is fast, reliable, and relatively light for its class. The launcher owes its futuristic appearance to the combination of desert-color drum, stock, and rails with the steel-like grip, trigger, and barrel. Both in its design and build, this is a sturdy, powerful gun that guarantees plenty of power and excitement.

The shell chambers swing out on the side, allowing for quick and easy reloading. Combined with the 6-shot rapid-fire action, this feature can make the Multiple Grenade Launcher a force to be reckoned with in all circumstances and terrains. While the launcher is very responsive, there's a safety switch at the thumb position to remove the risk of misfire.

The stock is one of the most impressive features of this weapon. It's an M4-type, versatile, and multi-adjustable stock that expands the launcher's capabilities to a great extent. With this stock, the length of the launcher can be adjusted from a minimum of 630mm / 24.8 inch to a maximum of 730mm / 28.7 inch. However, that's not the only adjustment possible. The stock also features three positions that modify the shooting angle, allowing the launcher to fire over any obstacles and reach longer distances.

Inside the launcher, a spring mechanism provides rotation and power for firing the full drum. After all six rounds are ejected, the mechanism locks in place, blocking the trigger until reload. The external latch allows for releasing the tension, which is especially useful when packing the launcher. The weapon has a set of front and one top rail for accessories, as well as a detachable vertical grip.

Note: This comes with a federally mandated blaze orange tip.


  • Six rapid-fire 40mm airsoft grenade shots
  • Revolving cylinder holds 6 grenade shells
  • Compatible with milsim rounds (shell length must be shorter than cylinder length)
  • Adjustable stock assembly for long range arcing or direct fire shots
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
Power Source:
Desert Tan
4.9 lbs
Rail Type:
Included Magazine:
Standard 40mm shell, 6-shot drum
Fire Modes:
Rotary, Semi Auto
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