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Battle Blaster Alloy Series 698 Multi-Color RGB Laser Sword w/ Rechargeable Battery, Black Hilt

Battle Blaster Alloy Series 698 Multi-Color RGB Laser Sword w/ Rechargeable Battery, Black Hilt

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Enter a sci-fi adventure with the Battle Blaster Alloy Series 698 Multi-Color RGB Laser Sword. Get yours now at Airsoft Station. This Laser Sword from Battle Blaster truly brings all of your fantasy battles to life with cutting-edge technology and a new, sleek black hilt design.

This 698 sword from the Alloy Series is a truly immersive and solid piece, with a blade of 580 mm. It consists of a 200 mm hilt of the most prominent metal alloy known to be robust and prestigious. This black hilt endows the sword with sophistication as well as a mysterious look, making it a standout in any collection.

The lead feature of the Series 698 is the multi-color RGB blade. You can program the multi-color RGB blade to continuously change between many different colors, giving off an active effect that you can customize to fit your mood or look. The bright colors within the blade will surely draw attention and admiration from every beholder of your enacting epic fights or if you're just exposing it within your collection.

It comes equipped with a built-in 3.7v 1200mAh battery, meaning the sword can be recharged via the USB interface. Being rechargeable, it is an eco-friendly power option that would save you the headache of buying new batteries every so often.

Paired together with a hilt and blade, it includes a USB recharge cord and a hilt connector. Of course, any collection of sci-fi or fantasy items, or really anything else that is uniquely collectible in this world, would be incomplete without the Battle Blaster Alloy Series 698 RGB Laser Sword. Feel the thrill and sensation of holding this high-tech laser sword, only here at Airsoft Station. We cater to every need, dream, and fantasy of every enthusiast out there.


  • Crafted as a high-quality replica laser sword featuring a full metal hilt for durability and authenticity.
  • Offers light-up action with 15 different colors, including a strobing effect and an RGB rainbow mode for visual variety.
  • Simple and user-friendly operation: a long press of 3 seconds powers the sword on or off, while short presses cycle through color options.
  • Equipped with multiple sound effects that enhance the experience, including sounds for activation, deactivation, and clashing.
  • Includes a double-click mute function, allowing you to silence the sword's sound effects when needed.
  • Also included is a hilt connector that allows you to attach another saber to have it double-bladed for maximum fun.
  • A 3-4 hour full charge is made by the USB connector applied, therefore, it is easily and quickly recharged.
  • The USB rechargeable integrated battery comes with it; there is no need for battery replacement.
Metal Alloy, Polymer
Battery Type:
3.7v 1200mAh Integrated, USB-Rechargeable
Package Includes:
Hilt, Blade, USB Recharging Cable, Hilt Connector
Battle Blaster
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