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Classic Army M133 Mini Vulcan Airsoft AEG Minigun, Black

Classic Army M133 Mini Vulcan Airsoft AEG Minigun, Black

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Step into the field and dominate with the Classic Army M133 Mini Vulcan Airsoft AEG Minigun, a high-quality representation of superior craftsmanship from Classic Army. This electric automatic powerhouse also supports CO2 and HPA operation, offering versatility in usage.

The construction of this minigun is remarkable, made from CNC machined metal alloy, ensuring durability and sturdiness during intense airsoft battles. It boasts a formidable firing mode of full-automatic, presenting a remarkable rate of fire up to 3000 RPM when using an 11.1v battery, ensuring you have substantial firepower at your fingertips. Safety, being paramount, is also included as a firing mode.

With a substantial magazine capacity of 2200 rounds using 0.20g BBs, this minigun ensures that you stay in action for longer periods without the frequent need for reloading. It operates on a dual battery design, requiring two 11.1v Lipo batteries connected via Deans connectors, promising consistent and unrelenting firepower.

The minigun comes in a sleek black color, adding an aura of intimidation and authority to your airsoft gear. Whether you are an airsoft enthusiast looking for relentless firing or a player aiming for supreme dominance in the field, the Classic Army M133 Mini Vulcan is the ultimate choice.

At Airsoft Station, we bring you this precision-engineered minigun to elevate your airsoft experience to unmatched heights. Secure yours and experience the pinnacle of airsoft weaponry!

Note: Battery & Charger DOES NOT come with purchase of rifle (11.1v LiPO Battery & Smart Charger Recommended)


  • Compact design mirroring the original Classic Army M133 Vulcan
  • Features six rotating Gatling barrels, firing at up to 350 FPS at a rapid 3000 RPM
  • Operates on standard airsoft batteries
  • Holds up to 2200 rounds in the internal magazine, offering extensive firepower
  • Constructed with CNC machined metal alloy for enhanced durability and strength
LiPO Ready:
Power Source:
Canada Compliant:
330-350 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Battery & Charger Included:
Battery Type:
11.1v LiPO Stick Battery (Deans)
Included Magazine:
2200 Rounds
Classic Army
Package Includes:
Gun, Manual
Fire Modes:
Safe, Full Auto
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