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Classic Army Nemesis X9 PDW SMG AEG, Gray/Black

Classic Army Nemesis X9 PDW SMG AEG, Gray/Black

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Another edition in the Classic Army Nemesis series, the gray-black X9 has a formidable appearance.

The trigger is a strong suit and the lightweight ensures outstanding efficiency in every Airsoft skirmish. All in all, minimal force is required to use the weapon.

Additionally, the MOSFET system offers higher responsiveness with each trigger pull. Moreover, you can fit up to 120 rounds in the magazine, allowing for plenty of firepower before the next reload. The ability to save precious seconds during close-quarter combat may prove crucial to the game’s outcome.

As for the reload mechanism, you’re bound to experience no difficulties in switching out your clips. This is courtesy of the gun’s push-button magazine release that allows you to reload a lot faster than some other SMGs on the market.

For those who care about the look, the first thing that catches your eye is the skeletonized stock. It is designed to make sure you can find the perfect hand position and hold the weapon comfortably. Moreover, the ambidextrous charging handle, stock release, and fire selector ensure that both right-handed and left-handed players can use the SMG effortlessly.

Plus, you can add a sling to the sling mount if you’re looking to add to the maneuverability. The gun also feels and looks realistic, owing to the charging handle and the upper and lower receivers of reinforced aluminum alloy.

Furthermore, the gun comes with an ergonomic polymer grip that can improve your performance in several ways. For one, the grip adds to the comfort and can reduce fatigue, which can especially come in handy in a long shooting session.

Note: Battery & Charger DOES NOT come with purchase of rifle (7.4v small stick LiPO Battery & Smart Charger Recommended)


  • 4-inch 6.03mm tightbore threaded barrel for enhanced accuracy
  • Low resistance wiring with Deans connector for efficient power transfer
  • Reinforced 9mm bearing gearbox ensures durability and reliability
  • Easy push-button magazine release for quick reloads
  • Flat stylized trigger with lightweight pull for precise shooting
  • Flip-up front and rear sights included for improved accuracy
  • Rear sling mount enhances maneuverability with sling attachment
  • Retractable multi-position skeletonized stock adjusts for comfort
  • Operable ambidextrous charging handle reveals reinforced aluminum alloy upper and lower receivers for realism
  • Ergonomically designed high-density polymer pistol grip reduces fatigue during extended use
  • 9mm AR style magazine holds up to 120 rounds for sustained firing
  • Extended battery compartment accommodates larger batteries for longer playtime
  • ECS system enables shooting in 3 to 5 round bursts for controlled fire
  • Built-in MOSFET improves durability and provides snappier trigger response
  • M-LOK style handguard allows attachment of flashlights, lasers, and foregrips
  • Ambidextrous fire selector and stock release accommodates right or left-handed shooters
LiPO Ready:
Power Source:
Canada Compliant:
330-350 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Battery & Charger Included:
Rail Type:
Battery Type:
7.4v Small Stick LiPo Battery (Small Tamiya)
Full Metal Version 2
Included Magazine:
120 Rounds
Classic Army
Package Includes:
Gun, Magazine, Manual, Speed Loader
Fire Modes:
Safe, Semi Auto, Full Auto, 3-5 Round Burst
Yes - Adjustable
Magazine Model Number:
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