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Crosman .177 Caliber Hunting Pellet Kit

Crosman .177 Caliber Hunting Pellet Kit

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Take your airgun shooting experience to the next level with the Crosman .177 Caliber Hunting Pellet Kit. Created with precision by the well-accorded company Crosman in the airgun industry and made for the needs of air gunners, this kit offers not only quality pellets but also must-have airgun accessories.

The most complete package is this deal, which has two varieties of pellets in .177 caliber specifying for the different demands of shooting. The Crossman Destroyer Pellets come in a pointed variety, weighing in at 7.9 grains for 250 contained in this package. These pellets are the ultimate hunting and pest control pellet—penetrate as powerfully as they hit. Additionally, it includes 250 of the pointed Crosman Hunting Pellets, weighing 7.4 grains, to set off every shot fired to the very best start with high efficiency and precision.

Also included in the kit is the CR Pell Gun Oil, applied on points to maintain and keep an airgun functioning well over the years. This specially formulated lubricating oil will remain between the internal parts of your airgun, thus maintaining proper functionality and protecting it from corrosion.

This kit comes packaged with the Crosman Pellet Loader, which furnishes an easy way to load your air gun with up to 16.177 caliber pellets. In the field, it is very handy as it signifies that loads can be relatively faster and convenient. The unit is small and inexpensive to build fully, automatically loading or quickly switching from one cartridge to another so that you can be back in shooting action in no time.

The Crosman .177 Caliber Hunting Pellet Kit is designed for any aficionado enthusiast. All in one single packaging, the high-quality pellets come with maintenance oil and a complimentary pellet loader. Just trust in the reliability and the performance power of Crosman with a great all-in-one kit that seals your desire for a great air gun experience.


  • 250 count of 7.9 grain Crosman Destroyer Pellets with a pointed tip for superior penetration
  • 250 count of 7.4 grain Crosman Hunting Pellets, also with a pointed tip for precise accuracy
  • Included CR Pell Gun Oil, a CO2 lubricating oil specifically designed for airguns
  • A handy Crosman Pellet Loader that can hold up to 16 .177 caliber pellets, simplifying the reloading process
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For .177 Caliber Airguns
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