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Cybergun Canik Salient Arms TP9 Elite Combat GBB Airsoft Training Pistol, Two-Tone

Cybergun Canik Salient Arms TP9 Elite Combat GBB Airsoft Training Pistol, Two-Tone

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Make the step up to the next level of airsoft realism with the two-tone Canik Salient Arms TP9 Elite Combat GBB Airsoft Training Pistol from Cybergun. Precision-crafted and licensed through Canik, manufactured through Cybergun: The best of the best when it comes to embodiment of accuracy and authenticity. This makes it one of the top picks at Airsoft Station for training and gameplay.

Dubbed the TP9 Elite Combat GBB pistol, it has a power balance of 310-325 FPS, making it a balanced strength for a variety of airsoft games. It really does provide the feeling of holding a real live firearm, although it weighs in at 850g and has dimensions around 200mm x 150mm, which makes it feel very much in the hand.

Though it is an airsoft pistol, it has a 22-round magazine capacity, which gives the user the right amount of firepower at their disposal. It uses green gas but is not yet available for CO2 use; that is under development.

This is complemented by the semi-auto firing along with the safety mechanism, which assures one of an absolutely real shooting experience. This real feel is also complemented by the TP9 Elite Combat gas blowback system, which gives a natural recoil with each fired shot.

It has an adjustable hop-up system that adjusts the trajectory for a player's shots, therefore ensuring maximum accuracy for increased range. So, that much configurability is important for a player who, in turn, wants his weapon to conform to his particular style of play and the environmental conditions.

It comes with a gun and a magazine to ensure that everything necessary is included for the user to start using this airsoft pistol right out of the box. The Cybergun Canik Salient Arms TP9 Elite Combat GBB Airsoft Training Pistol is more than just a replica - it's built for serious airsofters who need the performance to match.

This pistol is suitable for both training and gameplay and is characterized by a rugged mechanical build, accuracy, and realism to original model features. Find it today at Airsoft Station, where quality and performance meet.

This comes with a federally mandated blaze orange tip.


  • Features a metal slide, barrel, and blowback assembly for durability and realism
  • Boasts fully licensed Canik and Salient Arms International (SAI) trademarks
  • Optic-cut slide equipped with SAI back-up iron sights for enhanced aiming
  • Constructed with a high-strength nylon reinforced polymer frame and an ergonomic, textured pistol grip
  • Includes a 20mm lower accessory rail for attaching tactical lights, lasers, and other accessories
  • Designed with front and rear slide serrations for improved slide manipulation
  • Comes with a flat-face competition-style trigger and an anodized safety bar for a professional feel and safety assurance
Power Source:
Green Gas
Canada Compliant:
310-325 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Rail Type:
Approximately 200mm (7.8")
1.8 lbs
Included Magazine:
22 Rounds
Package Includes:
Gun, Magazine
Fire Modes:
Safe, Semi Auto
Yes - Adjustable
Magazine Model Number:
Magazine Compatibility:
Compatible with Canik TP9 CO2 magazines
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