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Cybergun Kahr Arms TP45 Spring Airsoft Pistol, Black

Cybergun Kahr Arms TP45 Spring Airsoft Pistol, Black

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The Cybergun Kahr Arms TP45 Spring Airsoft Pistol in classic black is a great first-time option for any player looking to get a solid performing sidearm for their kit. Fully licensed to Kahr Arms, this spring-powered pistol is manufactured by the most leading manufacturer in airsoft, Cybergun. This pistol is now available from Airsoft Station and is a perfect option for those new to the sport or anybody needing a backup weapon.

This spring-powered airsoft pistol reaches an approximate 160 FPS using 0.20g BB ammo, making it highly effective at close ranges and when used within the confinements of target practice. Plus, with a lightweight handle made with plastic, the airsoft player is comfortable, as the pistol is both easy to handle and game-durable enough to last the longest engagements.

The Kahr Arms TP45 by Cybergun is very small in size and compact at 7 inches, making it practical and easy to carry. This will turn it into an awesome weapon for those younger players, or as a secondary weapon for any player that doesn't want excess weight in their gear when the game is on.

This pistol has a magazine capacity of 16 rounds, which should be more than enough for shooting fun. Very simple to use since it is a spring-powered, single-shot pistol: cock and shoot. This would best suit the beginner in airsoft or as a nice backup for their more experienced counterparts.

The Full Pistol is constructed entirely from plastic but still offers a realistic form and feel. Body styling is after the Kahr Arms TP45. Great for airsoft players wanting realism in their play but for a spring pistol that is lightweight and easy to use.

The Cybergun Kahr Arms TP45 Spring Airsoft Pistol is not just another airsoft pistol; it is a perfect mixture of performance, realism, and ease of use. The pistol is formulated in a way that will perform at all times, whether taken into backyard skirmishes or just target practice. Find it now at the Airsoft Station, where quality meets affordability in the world of airsoft.


  • Officially licensed by KAHR ARMS, complete with authentic trademarks
  • Spring-powered mechanism, eliminating the need for gas or batteries
  • Constructed with a lightweight polymer frame and slide
  • Features a detachable magazine with a capacity of 16 rounds
  • True to scale, offering a full-size, licensed replica of the original firearm
Power Source:
Canada Compliant:
160 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Package Includes:
Gun, Magazine
177mm (7")
Included Magazine:
16 Rounds
Fire Modes:
Single Shot
Magazine Model Number:
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