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Daisy Powerline Slingshot Replacement Band

Daisy Powerline Slingshot Replacement Band

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This Daisy Powerline Slingshot Replacement Band is made to bring your gear back to its full potential. This replacement band will perfectly fit your Daisy slingshot model F16, B52, or P51 to provide a standard and maximum effective performance.

Built top-notch to be a performer from one shot to another, the Daisy Powerline Replacement Band is constructed from quality materials to be highly durable. Indispensable for every use of your Daisy slingshot, from recreational shooting to simple practice.

As the days go by, the demand for the Daisy Powerline Slingshot Replacement Band increases further, making your experience with the slingshot as perfect as ever. Installation for the replacement band is a piece of cake, and this will ensure you are back in your activities just in a snap with powerful shots.

Just the perfect mix of elasticity and strength engineered into the replacement band with accuracy makes your slingshot experience a natural fun way. Get an upgrade replacement band for your slingshot today from Daisy Powerline perfect slingshot for better performance and approved durability. Get it at Airsoft Station!


  • Specially designed as a replacement band for Daisy slingshots
  • Compatible with Daisy Models F16, B52, and P51
Fits Models F16, B52, and P51
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