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EMG 120+ Round Mid-Cap Magazine for EMG PWS PCC & G&G ARP-9 Airsoft AEGs, Black

EMG 120+ Round Mid-Cap Magazine for EMG PWS PCC & G&G ARP-9 Airsoft AEGs, Black

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Looking for a reliable and high-capacity magazine for your EMG PWS PCC or G&G ARP-9 Airsoft AEG? Look no further than the EMG 120+ Round Mid-Cap Magazine. Constructed with high-strength reinforced polymer, this magazine features an extended baseplate for easier grip and a high-strength spring that ensures reliable feeding of up to 120-125 rounds. The magazine is designed to fit a wide variety of 9mm PCC style Airsoft AEGs with both the PCC AR-15 type magazine release and ARP9/MP5 type magazine release. It is compatible with G&P PWS / SI PCC Rifles, G&G ARP 9, and can be modified to fit other brands such as EMG PCC PWS, Angstadt, Jack9, and Classic Army X9.

This EMG magazine is built to last with its durable polymer construction and can hold a large number of rounds, so you can stay in the game longer without worrying about running out of ammo. The magazine is also easy to handle with its extended baseplate that provides a better grip, making it easier to reload. Upgrade your gameplay with the EMG 120+ Round Mid-Cap Magazine and experience improved performance on the field. Order now and have the peace of mind knowing you have a high-quality magazine at your disposal.


  • Durable reinforced polymer construction
  • Extended baseplate enhances grip
  • Reliable feeding with high-strength spring
  • Compatible with various 9mm PCC style Airsoft AEGs
  • Specifically designed for G&P PWS 9mm PCC, may require modification for other brands
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