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EMG TTI Licensed Flared Magwell for Hi-CAPA GBB Airsoft Pistols, Black

EMG TTI Licensed Flared Magwell for Hi-CAPA GBB Airsoft Pistols, Black

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The EMG TTI Licensed Flared Magwell is available now at Airsoft Station. It is an add-on for the Hi-CAPA Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol. This flare is really beautiful and high-performance, with a real Taran Tactical Innovations license specifically for aesthetics and function improvement of your airsoft pistol.

This flare magwell is properly free from error in terms of durability and lightweight handling since high-quality aluminum material is used. The aluminum structure ensures many years of use and bears up to the rigors of heavy airsoft gameplay, rendering it an important part of one's gear.

The EMG TTI Flared Magwell is designed to work perfectly in tandem with gas blowback airsoft pistols from the EMG Hi-CAPA / 2011 series and other compatible models. In other words, this is a universal component for easy upgrading of many models of airsoft pistols.

The greatest benefit of such flared magwells is realized in the increased rate of reloading. The flared bottom helps to expedite the process of magazine insertion and to a large extent contributes to a successful insertion under pressure. This does not just increase your in-game points, but gives you an upper hand in speed airsoft games.

The black smoothness brings a tactical and professional look added to a pistol. This is essential for most styles and themes. From aesthetics to other practical functions, the EMG TTI Flared Magwell has turned it into an upgrade every serious airsoft player wants. Inside will be the magwell for installation and the instructions to do so. Bring your airsoft game to a whole new level with the EMG TTI Licensed Flared Magwell and see the difference between style and speed. From competitive use to the hobbyist, these can be found now at Airsoft Station, where quality meets performance.


  • Built with ultra-durable aluminum for long-lasting use
  • Officially licensed product by Taran Tactical Innovations
  • Features a hard-anodized finish for extra durability and sleek appearance
  • Designed to improve reload efficiency by creating a "funnel" effect for easier magazine loading
  • Easy installation with minimal or no modifications needed for your pistol
For EMG & other compatible Hi-CAPA / 2011 Series GBB airsoft pistols
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