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Extra Magazine for GK12 120rds, Black

Extra Magazine for GK12 120rds, Black

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Enhance your airsoft gameplay with the Extra Magazine for GK12. Designed specifically for the GK12 airsoft rifle, this magazine offers a round capacity of 120 rounds, ensuring you have ample ammunition to outlast your opponents on the field. With its durable polymer outer shell, this magazine can withstand the rigors of intense battles while maintaining its lightweight construction. The GK12 Extra Magazine features a high tension steel spring, providing enhanced reliability and improved feeding. You can rely on a consistent flow of BBs, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted shooting experience. The high-quality construction ensures that this magazine will perform reliably during intense airsoft engagements. This magazine is compatible with the GK12 platform, offering a seamless fit and reliable connection. It securely locks into place, preventing accidental detachment during gameplay and providing a stable shooting experience. With its easy-to-use design, you can quickly swap magazines on the field and keep up the pressure on your opponents. Manufactured in Taiwan, this Extra Magazine for GK12 meets high-quality standards. It is made by a trusted airsoft manufacturer, ensuring durability and performance. With its sleek black color, this magazine complements the aesthetics of your GK12 airsoft rifle. Get an extra magazine for your GK12 airsoft rifle and maximize your battlefield dominance. With its 120 round capacity, durable polymer construction, and high tension steel spring, this magazine is a reliable companion for intense airsoft battles. Upgrade your loadout with the Extra Magazine for GK12 and experience extended gameplay with Airsoft Station.


  • Polymer outer shell for durability and lightweight performance
  • 120 round capacity for extended gameplay without the need for frequent reloading
  • Designed for compatibility with the GK12 platform, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable performance
  • High tension steel spring enhances reliability and feeding, ensuring a smooth shooting experience
  • Made in Taiwan to meet high-quality standards and deliver exceptional performance on the field
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