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G&G ARP 9 68R Transparent Magazine

G&G ARP 9 68R Transparent Magazine

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The G&G ARP 9 68R Transparent Magazine is a must-have accessory for your ARP9 or PCC9 airsoft rifle. Designed with performance and reliability in mind, this magazine is constructed with a high strength nylon reinforced polymer outer shell, providing durability and resistance to impact. Its transparent design allows you to easily monitor your remaining BB count during intense gameplay. With a round capacity of 68 rounds, this magazine provides ample ammunition for extended battles without the need for frequent reloading. The platform compatibility with ARP9 and PCC9 models ensures a perfect fit and smooth operation. The high tension steel spring inside the magazine enhances reliability and improves feeding, ensuring consistent performance on the field. Manufactured in Taiwan, this G&G magazine upholds the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It is designed to withstand the rigors of airsoft skirmishes, offering long-lasting performance and durability. Upgrade your firepower with the G&G ARP 9 68R Transparent Magazine and stay in the game longer. Its reliable feeding, generous capacity, and rugged construction make it an essential accessory for any airsoft enthusiast. Equip yourself with this magazine and experience enhanced performance and confidence on the battlefield. Note: This magazine is designed for airsoft use only and should not be used with real firearms.


  • Outer Shell: High Strength Nylon Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Round Capacity: 68 Rounds
  • Platform Compatibility: ARP9 / PCC9
  • High Tension Steel Spring for Enhanced Reliability and Improved Feeding
  • Made in Taiwan
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68 Rounds
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