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G&G Dual-Profile Fiber Optic Flip-up Sight, Purple

G&G Dual-Profile Fiber Optic Flip-up Sight, Purple

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Add some aesthetic and functional upgrades to your airsoft rifle with this G&G Dual-Profile Fiber Optic Flip-Up Sight. Purple in color, this product is from one of the world-leading brands for the best in quality airsoft accessories: G&G. This flip-up sight has been made a superior kind of model in style and functionality by G&G's design.

Designed to mount on Weaver/Picatinny rails, the vision is to be versatile across airsoft rifles. The vibrant purple adds a flair of color to your setup, allowing your rifle to stand out on the field while still bringing reliable functionality.

The 1x magnification on the sight will give you the perfect acquisition of sight pictures in front of your target. This will enable you to shoot at different distances and still get the perfect target. This sight helps you engage the target in up-close or medium-range distance, providing you with constant, overall performance.

The G&G Dual-Profile Fiber Optic Flip-Up Sight is built from the best, toughest materials in order to answer the need for durability in fierce airsoft battles. The dual-profile design of the sight gives you flexibility for changing to another sight configuration with ease, so you can easily switch during battle.

Take your airsoft rifle to the next level with the G&G Dual-Profile Fiber Optic Flip-Up Sight in Purple. This top sight from G&G will elevate your level of accuracy and make you look great. Available at Airsoft Station.


  • Compatible with Weaver/Picatinny rails
  • Sleek black color
  • 1x magnification for clear aiming
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