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G&G TR16 MBR 556 G2 Mid-Cap Metal 90R Magazine, Black

G&G TR16 MBR 556 G2 Mid-Cap Metal 90R Magazine, Black

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The G&G TR16 MBR 556 G2 Mid-Cap Metal 90R Magazine is a top-notch accessory for your M4 or M16 AEG. Manufactured by G&G, a trusted name in the airsoft industry, this magazine combines durability and functionality to enhance your gameplay experience. Constructed with a robust metal outer shell, this magazine is built to withstand the rigors of intense airsoft battles. It boasts a generous round capacity of 90 rounds, allowing you to stay in the game longer without frequent reloads. Whether you're engaging in CQB or outdoor skirmishes, this magazine provides ample ammunition to keep you prepared. One of the standout features of this magazine is its high tension steel spring. This spring ensures reliable and consistent feeding, minimizing misfeeds and jams during critical moments. You can rely on this magazine to deliver smooth and reliable performance, allowing you to focus on your targets without worrying about ammunition issues. Designed for compatibility with M4 or M16 AEGs, this magazine is a versatile choice for airsoft enthusiasts. Its black color adds a sleek and tactical look to your loadout, while the made-in-Taiwan quality ensures superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Upgrade your airsoft gear with the G&G TR16 MBR 556 G2 Mid-Cap Metal 90R Magazine. Experience enhanced reliability, improved feeding, and lasting performance on the battlefield. Trust G&G and Airsoft Station to provide you with the quality products you need for your airsoft adventures.


  • Rugged metal outer shell for durability and longevity
  • 90-round capacity to keep you well-equipped during battles
  • Compatible with M4 or M16 AEG platforms for versatile use
  • High tension steel spring enhances reliability and ensures smooth feeding
  • Crafted with precision in Taiwan for top-notch quality and performance
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90 Rounds
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