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Gamo Air Gun Oil

Gamo Air Gun Oil

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Keep your airgun in top-notch condition with Gamo Air Gun Oil, the recommended lubricant for all Gamo airguns and a versatile choice for various other airgun brands. This general-purpose oil is designed to provide the necessary lubrication to keep your airgun's moving parts operating smoothly, ensuring a longer life and optimal performance.

The oil comes in a user-friendly dispenser with a fine tip, allowing for precise application to small areas and intricate components of your airgun. Whether you're maintaining the trigger mechanism, the bolt, or other moving parts, this oil ensures that every component stays well-lubricated and protected from wear and tear.

It's important to note that this oil is not suitable for use in the spring piston chamber of airguns. Always ensure that your airgun is completely unloaded before proceeding with any cleaning or oiling tasks to maintain safety.

Gamo, a trusted name in the airgun industry, has developed this oil to meet the specific needs of airgun enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or new to the world of airguns, Gamo Air Gun Oil is an essential accessory for maintaining the condition and performance of your firearm.

Invest in Gamo Air Gun Oil today and experience the difference in your airgun's performance and longevity. Keep your airgun in pristine condition and ready for action whenever you need it.


  • Specially formulated for Gamo airguns
  • Versatile use as a general-purpose oil for all airgun types
  • Precision application with fine tip dispenser
  • Not suitable for use in spring piston chambers
  • Ensures safe maintenance with unloaded airgun requirement
For all airguns
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