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Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling For All Air Rifles, Black

Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling For All Air Rifles, Black

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The Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling is a superbly excellent and smartly styled range gear upgrade made to offer maximal comfort for the user and functionality. Using a universal design, it fits all air rifles and has to be one of the most versatile accessories you can have in your shooting adventure.

Incorporated with this comes the Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling, constructed with lightweight, heavy-duty woven nylon, sectioned to carry your weapon through all circumstances. Essentially, fast adjustment fasteners allow users to adjust quickly, as said, denoting that these make securing your rifle both fast and field-ready.

One of the outstanding features of this sling is its non-slip pebbling. It is very small, but that addition brings in some level of security, preventing your air rifle from slipping, even in the most demanding situations. The deluxe, shock-absorbing shoulder strap is designed for maximum comfort, reducing strain and fatigue during extended use.

The installation for the Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling is super easy. There are no extra sling swivels required. The front of the sling slips over the barrel and the back over the buttpad. It fits very snugly in position, instilling confidence and assurance for venture out into the field.

The Gamo Gun Buddy Rifle Sling is a reliable, comfortable, and secure method of carrying your air rifle, either used all day when you go out target shooting or on that hunting trip.


  • Suitable for all air rifles
  • Constructed from lightweight yet robust woven nylon
  • Easy-to-use quick adjustment fasteners
  • Features non-slip pebbling for secure carrying
  • Equipped with a deluxe, cushioned shoulder strap for comfort
  • Simple installation: front loops over the barrel, back loops over the buttpad, no sling swivels needed
Woven nylon
Fits All Air Rifles
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