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Golden Eagle 1887 Compact Wide Lever Action Gas Powered Airsoft Shotgun, Black

Golden Eagle 1887 Compact Wide Lever Action Gas Powered Airsoft Shotgun, Black

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The Golden Eagle 1887 Compact Wide Lever Action Gas Powered Airsoft Shotgun brings a blend of classic design and modern performance to the airsoft field. With its distinctive lever-action mechanism and sleek black aesthetic, this shotgun is designed to stand out and perform in any skirmish scenario.

Manufactured by the reputed Golden Eagle, this airsoft replica not only provides an impressive exterior build, comprising a robust metal barrel and receiver, but also a functionality that offers players an engaging shooting experience. The power source of this unit is 14KG Green Gas, propelling BBs at an approximate speed of 300fps, ensuring both safety and potency in your airsoft engagements.

The meticulous construction extends to an adjustable hop-up system, allowing players to fine-tune their range and accuracy, adapting the shotgun to varied playstyles and field conditions. Not to be overshadowed, the realistic shell ejection feature elevates the authenticity and immersive nature of your gameplay, providing not only a visual spectacle but also a tactile experience that is sure to enhance your airsoft adventures.

Balancing aesthetics and performance, this model features a real wood handguard and grip, presenting players with a sturdy and comfortable hold during play, further enriching the physical experience of wielding this compact lever-action shotgun. Designed to fire 1-3 BBs simultaneously, it offers versatility in your shooting options, capable of adapting to the tactical demands of dynamic close-quarters battles.

Choose the Golden Eagle 1887 for a reliable, immersive, and high-performing airsoft shotgun that respects classic design while embracing modern airsoft technology and functionality. Your opponents will think twice when they see and hear the authentic action of your lever-action shotgun on the field.


  • Robust metal receiver and outer barrel
  • Authentic wood handguard and grip
  • Engaging realistic shell ejection
  • Glove-friendly wide lever
  • Versatile 1-3 BBs per shot firing option
Power Source:
Green Gas
Canada Compliant:
300 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
495mm (19.5")
3.55 lbs
Golden Eagle
Package Includes:
1x Shotgun, 3x Shells, 1x Hop-up Tool, 1x Manual
Yes - Adjustable
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