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Lancer Defense .43 Cal Pepper Ball, 8 Pack

Lancer Defense .43 Cal Pepper Ball, 8 Pack

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Lancer Defense presents the .43 Cal Pepper Ball, a reliable and effective non-lethal self-defense ammunition. Designed for use with .43 Cal markers, training pistols, and defense pistols, these pepper balls offer a valuable tool for personal protection and training scenarios.

Each pack contains 8 pepper balls, providing you with ample ammunition for practice or defensive situations. The .43 Caliber ensures compatibility with a wide range of .43 Cal markers, making it a versatile choice for airsoft enthusiasts, security professionals, and individuals looking for non-lethal self-defense options.

Manufactured by Lancer Defense, a trusted brand in the airsoft and self-defense industry, these pepper balls are engineered to meet high-quality standards. The .43 Cal Pepper Balls are designed to deliver consistent performance, accuracy, and reliability when fired from compatible markers and pistols. They are constructed with durability in mind, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of training sessions and self-defense scenarios.

With their non-lethal nature, these pepper balls offer a safer alternative to traditional ammunition. They are filled with a powerful pepper powder blend that can temporarily incapacitate an aggressor or provide a distraction, allowing you to protect yourself or gain the upper hand in a potentially dangerous situation.

Please note that the .43 Cal Pepper Balls are specifically designed for use with .43 Cal markers, training pistols, and defense pistols. Always follow safety guidelines and use them responsibly. Whether you're practicing target shooting or preparing for personal protection, Lancer Defense .43 Cal Pepper Balls are an essential addition to your arsenal. Trust in their performance, quality, and effectiveness when you need it most.


  • Please note that due to specific state regulations and laws, this product cannot be sold in Hawaii, New York, Washington DC, California, Oregon, and Canada.
  • Highly concentrated PAVA pepper compound for maximum stopping power against intruders or threats.
  • Upon impact, the pepper bursts, creating a cloud that quickly incapacitates attackers.
  • Effective even with indirect hits, dispersing the pepper cloud in the surrounding area.
  • Designed for personal protection with reliable performance.
  • For use with .43 Cal markers, training pistols, and defense pistols only.
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Paintballs (0.43")
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