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Lancer Tactical 2000 Round 0.28g Bio-Tracer Airsoft BBs, Green

Lancer Tactical 2000 Round 0.28g Bio-Tracer Airsoft BBs, Green

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Prepare to light up the night with new excitement in airsoft warfare with 2000 Round 0.28g Bio-Tracer Airsoft BBs by Lancer Tactical. These high-quality BBs make for nothing short of the most exciting and ever-challenging night skirmishes you will ever be a part of.

Measuring 6 millimeters each, each one of the BB units is made out of biodegradable plastic, which makes nothing but thrilling airsoft excitement set on the gaming field. The 0.28g weight of these BBs is excellent for maximum velocity and cumshot accuracy to perfection, thus suiting the highest demanding player.

This, along with the glow-in-the-dark green color that, once charged by a light source, will illuminate brilliantly throughout your battlefield and will spectacularly light up the flight, making tracking your shots better than ever. This feature is both great as a model and a game-changer that will significantly increase your tactical prowess under any low-light conditions.

The seamless and perfectly spherical design of Lancer Tactical's BBs will reduce the risk of jamming and make sure your airsoft gun feeds as smoothly and reliably as possible. Each of the BBs is produced under strict quality control measures which maintain a uniform diameter for one of the most pinpoint accuracies and groupings at extended ranges.

With that in mind, Lancer Tactical has packaged these great BBs in a convenient 2000-round count that is perfect for extended sessions of playtime. The 0.28g Bio-Tracer Airsoft BBs by Lancer Tactical and available from Airsoft Station are more than ammunition; they are a passport to the world of visually stunning and environmentally conscious airsoft game adventures. Get ready to light up the night and leave a glowing trail of precision with every shot!


  • Seamless and perfectly spherical for flawless performance
  • Rigorous quality control for uniform BB diameter
  • Superior accuracy and grouping with minimal risk of jamming
  • Exceptionally bright and long-lasting green glow for enhanced visibility
  • Environmentally friendly with ISO-certified biodegradability
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