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Lancer Tactical 3-Railed Green Dot Sight with Red Laser, Black

Lancer Tactical 3-Railed Green Dot Sight with Red Laser, Black

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Upgrade your airsoft game with the Lancer Tactical 3-Railed Green Dot Sight for rapid target acquisition and better accuracy. Made tough from aluminum, this sight can be put to the heat of hard-fought airsoft engagements. The black finish not only slicks out the tactical look of your set but ensures your piece is durable and wears well for many years to come.

Accompanied by a compatible Picatinny 20mm rail, the current sight can fit over many kinds of airsoft rifles. The 1x magnification scope allows a 20mm diameter of the objective to deliver a wide field of view in clarity of vision of the target. The bright illumination of the green dot reticle, meanwhile, is capable of showing up under many lighting conditions for quick and accurate aiming.

One other remarkable thing about this sight is the built-in red laser for more accessible, faster, and very accurate targeting. In addition, it is easy to adjust, making zeroing in on your target point quite a possibility.

This dot sight works, powered by only one CR123A battery, which is exceedingly power-efficient; hence, you have an aiming aid ready in the entire course of your airsoft battle. The Lancer Tactical 3-Railed Green Dot Sight comes mounted with versatility, increasing the airsoft shooter's accuracy and speed of target acquisition.


  • Durable aluminum alloy construction withstands heavy recoil
  • Easy windage adjustments for precise optic zeroing
  • Provides unlimited eye relief for rapid target acquisition
  • Anti-glare coated lens ensures optimal light transmission and scratch resistance
  • Adjustable laser aligns perfectly with the green dot for enhanced accuracy
  • Features three Picatinny rails on the scope for attaching additional accessories
  • Quick and tool-less mounting clamp for easy attachment and detachment
Rail Type:
Objective Diameter:
Eye Relief:
Optic Battery Type:
1x CR123A
Reticle Type:
Reticle Color:
QD Mount:
Adjustable Windage:
Lancer Tactical
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