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Lancer Tactical AK Style 1 Tracer Unit with Flame Effect, Black

Lancer Tactical AK Style 1 Tracer Unit with Flame Effect, Black

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Airsoft Station brings to you this new Lancer Tactical AK Style 1 Tracer Unit with Flame Effect in Black. The upgraded accessory will make your airsoft battle outstanding. This tracer unit continues to embody innovation and function, with the added aesthetic of an incorporated flame effect from Lancer Tactical.

A combination of aluminum and polymer in its build, the tracer unit is constructed to not only be lightweight but also immensely tough to accommodate the use and abuse that hardcore airsoft play brings with it. The black color gives a sleek and professional tactical look to your airsoft gun so it will be looking as good as it performs out on the field.

It has a 14mm CCW thread direction and comes with an 11mm to 14mm thread adapter, meaning it provides a lot of function and will fit most kinds of airsoft weapons. Compact in size, the unit is only 3 inches long with a 1.5-inch diameter to ensure that no extra bulk is added to your weapon without a real need.

The tracer unit works on a Li-Ion rechargeable battery; therefore, it offers convenience and extended use. Added to this, the tracer unit with its unique flame effect will create an attesting attraction in your game, especially with darker settings. This would not just make your airsoft battles more realistic, but it would even help in actually tracing your shots.

Overview: One of the most innovative and novelty packed inclusions for a player is the Lancer Tactical AK Style 1 Tracer Unit, offered in black with flame effect. It's a tracer unit designed to impress indoor and outdoor players, with functionality being in a class of its own. Get ready to improve your airsoft game with this top-notch tracer unit, only from Lancer Tactical and Airsoft Station.


  • Features a precision CNC aluminum outer shell construction with a sleek black anodized finish for durability and style.
  • Equipped with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery for quick charging and extended use, lasting hours before needing a recharge.
  • Offers 3 light modes including Tracer Only, Tracer & Flame, or Flame Effect Only, for versatile visual effects during gameplay.
  • Ultra-sensitive sensors ensure reliable BB illumination, compatible even with high rate of fire rifles.
  • Comes with an included 11mm to 14mm thread adapter, making the tracer unit adaptable for use on airsoft pistols.
Thread Direction:
14mm Counter Clockwise
76mm (3")
Aluminum, Polymer
Lancer Tactical
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