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Lancer Tactical EGLM Commando Grenade Launcher, Black

Lancer Tactical EGLM Commando Grenade Launcher, Black

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The EGLM Commando grenade launcher is a very high quality 40mm grenade launcher. It comes with two trigger assemblies allowing it to be mounted on a MK16, MK17, and some M4 aegs. The unique trigger assembly brings the trigger behind the magazine of the rifle, making it much easier to reach. The barrel of the launcher swivels from left to right while reloading, making it faster and easier to reload from either side. If you're looking for a high quality grenade launcher that looks great this launcher is for you!


  • High-quality composition build
  • Barrel swivel for quick reloading
  • Compatible with picatinny rails
  • Conveniently designed trigger location
  • Extremely affordable 40mm launcher
  • Includes two trigger assemblies
Rail Type:
Polyer and metal
Lancer Tactical
Package Includes:
Grenade Launcher, 2x Trigger Assemblies
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