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Lancer Tactical FC1 Red Dot Reflex Sight, Red

Lancer Tactical FC1 Red Dot Reflex Sight, Red

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Upgrade your airsoft game with the Lancer Tactical FC1 Red Dot Reflex Sight. Designed by Atlas Custom Works, this reliable red dot sight offers enhanced accuracy and target acquisition in the field. Constructed with high-quality aluminum, the FC1 sight combines durability with a lightweight design, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of intense airsoft battles without weighing you down. Its compact dimensions of 50 x 35 x 40 mm (without mount) make it a versatile option for various airsoft platforms.

Featuring a 1x magnification, the FC1 sight provides a clear view of your target with both eyes open, allowing for improved situational awareness. The red dot reticle offers a crisp and precise aiming point, ensuring you can quickly acquire and engage your targets. The sight includes a CR2032 battery, so you can start using it right out of the box.

With its sleek and eye-catching red color, the FC1 sight adds a stylish touch to your airsoft loadout. It seamlessly integrates with your weapon using a compatible mount (sold separately), providing a secure attachment and optimal stability.

Whether you're a seasoned airsoft player or just getting started, the Lancer Tactical FC1 Red Dot Reflex Sight is a valuable accessory to enhance your shooting performance. Trust in the reliability and functionality of Lancer Tactical products to take your airsoft game to the next level.


  • Lightweight and durable construction for ease of handling and long-lasting performance
  • Fog proof and shock resistant design ensures clear vision in various weather conditions and protects against impacts
  • Anti-glare coated lens enhances light transmission, resolution, and provides scratch resistance for a clear and crisp view
  • Illuminated reticle with multiple brightness settings allows for precise aiming in different lighting environments, ensuring accuracy and target acquisition
Rail Type:
Optic Battery Type:
1x CR2032
Reticle Type:
Reticle Color:
Shock Resistant:
Lancer Tactical
Package Includes:
1x Red Dot Sight, 1x Battery, 1x Screw Driver, 1x Allen Key
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