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Lancer Tactical Knee and Elbow Pad Set, Black

Lancer Tactical Knee and Elbow Pad Set, Black

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Protective gear from Lancer Tactical. This is a complete set of two elbow pads and two knee pads. The pads have a cushioned backing with a hard plastic outer shell.


  • Contoured, non-slip protective caps ensure safety during use.
  • Dual elastic straps with fasteners on kneepads for added security.
  • Universally fits any size for versatile usage.
  • Interior density foam padding enhances comfort during wear.
  • Constructed with durable 600 denier polyester and thermoplastic polyurethane materials.
  • Acts as a replacement for damaged pads or an upgrade for pads lacking foam protection.
Universally Fits Any Size
Lancer Tactical
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