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Lancer Tactical PEQ-15 LA-5 Battery Case w/ Green Laser, Black

Lancer Tactical PEQ-15 LA-5 Battery Case w/ Green Laser, Black

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Introducing the Lancer Tactical PEQ-15 LA-5 Battery Case with Green Laser in Black, a top-tier accessory designed to enhance your airsoft experience. Manufactured by Lancer Tactical, a reputable name in the airsoft industry, this battery case combines essential features, including a green laser and battery storage, to provide a valuable addition to your airsoft loadout.

Constructed from durable polymer, the Lancer Tactical PEQ-15 LA-5 Battery Case ensures exceptional reliability and longevity, withstanding the demands of intense airsoft gameplay. The black color adds a tactical touch to your loadout, blending well with various airsoft setups and gear choices. Designed for convenience and practicality, this battery case features a built-in compartment to store batteries, eliminating the need for separate battery holders. The case is compatible with CR123 batteries, ensuring reliable power for your airsoft accessories during extended missions.

The Lancer Tactical PEQ-15 LA-5 Battery Case comes equipped with a powerful green laser, providing enhanced targeting capabilities on the airsoft field. With a wavelength of <5 Mw and a maximum laser output of 650nm, the laser ensures accurate and precise targeting, improving your aiming performance and tactical advantage. Easily attach the battery case to your airsoft weapon's Picatinny/Weaver rail system. The secure mount ensures stable and consistent positioning, so you can focus on your target without worrying about your accessory shifting during gameplay.

Upgrade your airsoft gear with the Lancer Tactical PEQ-15 LA-5 Battery Case with Green Laser in Black, and experience enhanced tactical advantage and performance on the field. Whether you're engaging in casual skirmishes or competitive tournaments, this advanced accessory from Lancer Tactical will elevate your airsoft gameplay. Get yours now at Airsoft Station and take your airsoft performance to new heights.


  • Military issued PEQ-15 resemblance
  • Battery storage for various types
  • Functional green laser designator with aperture cover
  • CR123-powered waterproof laser compartment
  • Mock IR laser and beacon with aperture cover
  • Secure Picatinny RIS mounting
  • Durable polymer construction
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
For 20mm Picatinny Rails
Lancer Tactical
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Package Includes:
1X PEQ box
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