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Lancer Tactical Rear Wired Wiring Harness for Version 3 Airsoft AEGs, Small Tamiya

Lancer Tactical Rear Wired Wiring Harness for Version 3 Airsoft AEGs, Small Tamiya

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The Lancer Tactical Rear Wired Wiring Harness is a replacement for your Version 3 Airsoft AEG gearbox. It's meant for performance and is going to fit with perfection. Precision crafted by the trusted brand in the Airsoft world, Lancer Tactical, this wiring harness meets every demand posed by serious Airsoft enthusiasts.

Definitely engineered for Version 3 AEG gearboxes, this easily fits in well, taking away the tension over working. The Lancer Tactical wiring harness for AEGs is a hassle-free way to ease your stress when upgrading or making repairs to your airsoft rifle. With all those wires, it's super easy to install and maintain your battery in the rear-wired design for full functionality in your AEG.

This wiring harness comes equipped with a small Tamiya connector, therefore making it very easy for you to connect the battery and ensuring a safe power supply to your AEG. Most airsoft batteries will come with a small Tamiya as standard, so the battery is versatile and can be adapted to most sources of power.

This wiring harness is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the extreme conditions it goes through during an intense airsoft faceoff, therefore durability over the long term with consistent performance. The Lancer Tactical Rear Wired Wiring Harness is the vital part that will enable you to properly harness the electrical configuration of your AEG, whether you are a veteran user or a beginner enthusiast.

Step up your game today. Upgrade your airsoft rifle with Lancer Tactical Rear Wired Wiring Harness and enjoy the best in increased reliability, compatibility, and performance in the field. Trust only Lancer Tactical for the best airsoft accessories that bring your game to the next level.


  • Direct factory replacement component
  • High-quality, low-resistant wiring
  • Heat shrink-wrapped plug ends prevent fraying
  • Compatible with most AEGs featuring a mechanical trigger switch
For Version 3 Airsoft AEG Gearbox
Plug Type:
Mini Tamiya
Package Includes:
1x Wiring Harness
Lancer Tactical
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