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Raptors Airsoft RTQ 11.1V 1450 mAh 30C Nunchuck LiPO Battery, Deans / T-Plug

Raptors Airsoft RTQ 11.1V 1450 mAh 30C Nunchuck LiPO Battery, Deans / T-Plug

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Enhance your airsoft gameplay with the Raptors Airsoft RTQ 11.1V 1450mAh 30C Nunchuck LiPO Battery. Designed for superior performance, this LiPO battery is built to power your airsoft gun with efficiency and reliability.

With a voltage of 11.1V and a capacity of 1450mAh, it offers a potent power supply to maximize your rate of fire and trigger response. The battery features a compact design with dimensions of 7.5mm x 16.5mm x 115mm for each stick, making it easy to fit in most airsoft gun compartments.

The 30C discharge rate ensures a steady and consistent flow of power, providing optimal performance during intense skirmishes. Equipped with a Deans/T-Plug connector, this LiPO battery delivers enhanced electrical conductivity, minimizing resistance and maximizing energy transfer to your AEG.

The plug's secure connection ensures reliable power transmission, preventing any loss in performance. The Raptors Airsoft RTQ LiPO Battery is designed to meet the demands of airsoft enthusiasts who require a high-quality power source for their electric guns.

Trust in the reliability and performance of this LiPO battery to power your airsoft adventures. Upgrade your airsoft arsenal with the Raptors Airsoft RTQ 11.1V 1450mAh 30C Nunchuck LiPO Battery, available now at Airsoft Station.


  • Each stick measures 7.5mm x 16.5mm x 115mm for compact dimensions
  • 3 cells provide reliable power for your airsoft gun
  • Operating voltage of 11.1V ensures optimal performance
  • High capacity of 1450mAh for extended gameplay sessions
  • Output rating of 30C offers a steady and consistent power supply
  • Equipped with a Deans plug for secure and efficient connectivity


Read all instructions before using or charging Li-PO Batteries!

Due to their high volatility, lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries must be handled with caution. Failure to follow the directions below can result in fire, property damage, personal injury, or even death.

1. Adult supervision is always required during the charging of a Li-Po battery. Never leave a charging battery unattended, and ensure it is unplugged within an hour once the charging process is complete.

2. Charge your Li-Po batteries away from anything flammable. Use a lipo-safe bag. Unplug the charger immediately if the battery swells. Charge only in the recommended temperature range of 40-90F (5-32C).

3. Do not use a NiMH/NiCd charger or any unauthorized equipment to charge a Li-Po battery; use only chargers made for charing airsoft Li-Po batteries. When using advanced chargers, adhere strictly to the guidelines outlined in the instruction manual.

4. Before use or charging, thoroughly inspect all Li-Po batteries. Promptly dispose of visually damaged, deformed, rusted, wet, hot, or expired (over 3 years since first use) Li-Po batteries.

5. Used batteries contain valuable resources that can be reused and recovered through proper recycling. By recycling them correctly, you help preserve resources and safeguard the environment. To dispose of batteries properly, wrap them in a bag and take them to a local waste facility that accepts batteries. Never dispose of batteries in fire, water, or household waste.

6. Store this battery and/or charger out of reach of children and minors. It is sold specifically for Airsoft use. Do not modify, alter, or use it for any other purpose for which it is not intended.

7. Charge your Li-Po battery at least once every 6 months and store it fully charged to prevent over-discharge. Store it in a flame-resistant, non-pressurized, low-humidity container away from sunlight.

8. Always disconnect the battery from the Airsoft gun when charging and when not in use. Never discharge Li-Po battery packs with a discharger. If you notice the motor slowing down, cease use immediately. Over-discharging can lead to fire hazards.

9. If a Li-Po battery is damaged or bent, disconnect it from the device immediately. Exercise caution as cells may be hot. Place the battery pack in a fire-safe area and monitor it for 30 minutes for any abnormalities before disposing of it properly with caution and care.

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