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Raven Airsoft 1911/MEU 21rds Gas Magazine, Black

Raven Airsoft 1911/MEU 21rds Gas Magazine, Black

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Elevate your airsoft experience with the Raven Airsoft 1911/MEU 21-round Green Gas Magazine. Tailored specifically for the Raven 1911/MEU Series Pistols, this magazine ensures you're always equipped and ready, whether you're engaged in an intense battle or honing your shooting accuracy.

Crafted from robust aluminum, the body of the magazine is designed to withstand the rigors of demanding airsoft matches. Its sleek black finish not only gives it a professional look but also ensures it complements your Raven 1911/MEU pistol perfectly. The magazine features a polymer feed lip and follower, guaranteeing smooth BB feeding and minimizing the risk of jams. The protective base plate further enhances its durability, protecting the magazine from potential damage during quick reloads or unexpected drops.

Safety and maintenance are of utmost importance. That's why it's advised to use a speedloader when loading this magazine. This approach not only facilitates a swift reload but also safeguards the follower and feed lip from potential wear and tear. Moreover, when storing the magazine, it's essential to keep a small quantity of approved airsoft gas in the gas reservoir. This practice helps in the upkeep and longevity of the O-rings, ensuring you get consistent performance every time.

The Raven Airsoft 1911/MEU 21-round Green Gas Magazine is not just an accessory; it's a commitment to quality, ensuring every shot is precise and impactful.


  • Sturdy metal construction complemented by a protective base plate.
  • Polymer feed lip and follower for consistent BB feeding.
  • Use a speedloader for safe and efficient loading.
  • Maintain a small amount of airsoft gas during storage for O-ring upkeep.
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Green Gas
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