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SHS A&K V2 & V3 AEG Airsoft Gear Set

SHS A&K V2 & V3 AEG Airsoft Gear Set

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Replace your existing gear set with these CNC machined steel gears from SHS. These high grade gears provide smooth and rapid gear change in even the fastest of AEGs. The universal design of this airsoft gear set allows them to be installed in all A&K AEGs fitted with a Version 2 or Version 3 gearbox. Upgrade your rifle to maximize its full potential and reduce the risk of internal wear and tear with this new A&K AEG Gear Set from SHS.


  • CNC Machined Steel Gear Set
  • Provides Rapid & Smooth Gear Change
  • Easy Installation
For A&K Version 2 & Version 3 Gearboxes
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