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UK Arms 1000 Round Silent Side Winding Speedloader, Black

UK Arms 1000 Round Silent Side Winding Speedloader, Black

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Airsoft enthusiasts understand the importance of a reliable speedloader, and UK Arms delivers just that with their 1000 Round Silent Side Winding Speedloader in a sleek black finish. This isn't just any ordinary speedloader; it's a blend of functionality, capacity, and stealth.

Constructed from robust injection-molded polymer, this speedloader promises durability and longevity. The inclusion of silicone lining is a masterstroke, ensuring that the BBs remain silent while on the move, giving players a tactical advantage by reducing noise. This feature is especially beneficial for stealth missions where silence is paramount.

One of the standout features of this speedloader is its compact design. Despite its impressive 1000 BB capacity, it remains unobtrusive and can easily fit into double stack M4/M16 magazine pouches. This design consideration ensures that players can carry it effortlessly on the field, making reloads swift and efficient.

The side winding mechanism is both user-friendly and efficient. With each rotation of the crank, about 10-12 BBs are loaded, ensuring that magazines are refilled in record time. Moreover, the integrated winding clutch is a thoughtful addition, preventing magazines from overfilling and ensuring optimal BB capacity every time.

In conclusion, the UK Arms 1000 Round Silent Side Winding Speedloader is more than just a BB loading tool; it's an essential piece of equipment that promises efficiency, stealth, and reliability, ensuring that players always have the upper hand in airsoft battles.


  • Compact design with a generous 1000 BB capacity.
  • Fits seamlessly into double stack M4/M16 magazine pouches.
  • Efficient side winding mechanism loads 10-12 BBs per rotation.
  • Winding clutch prevents overfilling of magazines.
  • Silicone lining ensures silent BB movement and reduced rattle.
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Injection Molded Polymer & Silicone
UK Arms
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