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UK Arms AN/PEQ-15 L.E.D. White Light & Green Laser w/ IR Lens, Black

UK Arms AN/PEQ-15 L.E.D. White Light & Green Laser w/ IR Lens, Black

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Introducing the UK Arms AN/PEQ-15 LED White Light and Green Laser Combo in sleek black—a must-have for your airsoft tactical arsenal. This robust polymer unit is built to endure the harsh conditions of intense airsoft engagements.

This accessory from UK Arms shines with an impressive 280 lumens of bright white LED light, perfect for lighting your way or confusing opponents. The addition of a green laser enhances your aiming capabilities, allowing for swift target acquisition. The integrated IR lens also lets you stay concealed while using night vision gear.

The UK Arms AN/PEQ-15 is adaptable, featuring several settings to match your tactical needs: momentary or constant light, constant laser, and a combined laser/light mode. Tailor your setup for diverse situations and stay combat-ready.

This device operates on two CR123 batteries which are not provided. Best to have extra batteries on hand to ensure your UK Arms AN/PEQ-15 is always prepared for action.

Don't overlook the opportunity to improve your airsoft gameplay with this exceptional accessory from UK Arms. The powerful LED light, accurate green laser, and IR lens combine to make the UK Arms AN/PEQ-15 an essential tool for any airsoft player seeking a competitive advantage.


  • Durable Polymer Build
  • Adjustable LED Settings
  • Equipped with Green Laser
  • Compact and Light Design
Rail Type:
Battery Type:
2 x CR123
UK Arms
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