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UK Arms Spring Powered Pump Action M0681D Airsoft Shotgun, Black

UK Arms Spring Powered Pump Action M0681D Airsoft Shotgun, Black

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This pump action airsoft shotgun is a UK Arms product, making it an affordable weapon for those just dipping their toes in CQC. It feeds from a detachable magazine and not the mock shells other models use. Thus, reloading becomes simpler. The shotgun has a foregrip integrated into the pump, making it easy to operate. The ergonomic pistol grip further helps users achieve a natural hold on the weapon, which is crucial for CQC. Attached to the receiver is a Picatinny scope mount with three rails. The side rail can hold a tactical flashlight to illuminate rooms, while the top rail accepts the included red dot sight. These accessories help make the shotgun more effective in rapid gunfights. If you don’t want to use the accessories, you can remove the scope mount and use the front iron sight. It’s helpful at all ranges, but you’re more likely to shoot without aiming when right against an opponent. For accuracy, users have a crane stock attached to the rear. It can extend or retract similar to the ones on an M4 carbine.


  • Durable polymer build ensures longevity and reliability
  • Operates without gas or batteries for hassle-free performance
  • Includes detachable red dot sight and flashlight for enhanced aiming and visibility
  • Ideal choice for enjoyable and dependable airsoft action
  • Integrated forward grip facilitates smooth shotgun operation
  • Added stock for improved comfort compared to the M0681A model
Power Source:
Canada Compliant:
280-300 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Rail Type:
28 inches
1.75 lbs
Included Magazine:
30 Rounds
Package Includes:
Red Dot Sight, Flashlight, and Stock
Fire Modes:
Single Shot Pump Action Springer
UK Arms
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