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Ukarms Single High Speed M4 Molle Magazine Pouch, Camo

Ukarms Single High Speed M4 Molle Magazine Pouch, Camo

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Introducing the Ukarms Single High-Speed M4 Molle Magazine Pouch in a striking camo design, exclusively available at Airsoft Station. Crafted by the renowned brand, Ukarms, this magazine pouch is a must-have for every airsoft enthusiast who values both style and functionality.

Made from high-quality nylon, this pouch promises durability and resilience against the rough terrains of the battlefield. Its design ensures that your magazine stays protected from external elements while also being easily accessible for those quick reload situations. The camo pattern not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also provides an added advantage of blending seamlessly with various terrains, making you less detectable to the opponent.

Specifically designed for M4 and M16 magazines, this pouch guarantees a snug fit, ensuring that your magazine stays in place even during the most intense skirmishes. With a capacity to hold one magazine, it's perfect for players who prefer to keep their gear lightweight and efficient.

The Molle compatibility means you can easily attach it to your tactical vests, belts, or any other Molle-equipped gear, allowing for customization based on your gameplay style. Moreover, the pouch's design facilitates quick and smooth magazine retrieval, ensuring you're always ready for action. Get yours today from Airsoft Station and experience the difference in your next match.

Magazine not included.


  • Constructed from durable nylon fabric and paracord
  • Adjustable grip ensures secure magazine hold
  • Fits seamlessly with Molle-compatible equipment
  • Designed for a single M4/M16 magazine storage
For M4 and M16 magazines
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