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Umarex Airgun Cleaning Kit For .177 Cal & .22 Cal

Umarex Airgun Cleaning Kit For .177 Cal & .22 Cal

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Maintain the performance and longevity of your air rifles and pistols with the Umarex Airgun Cleaning Kit, specifically designed for .177-caliber and .22-caliber airguns. This comprehensive kit from Umarex, a renowned brand in the airgun industry, ensures that you have all the necessary tools at hand to keep your airgun in pristine condition.

The kit includes a 33" flexible cleaning rod, perfect for reaching down the barrel of both rifles and pistols. The rod handle is ingeniously designed to convert into a screwdriver, providing you with a multi-functional tool. The included 6-bit driver set comprises 2 flat blades, 2 Phillips, 1 3mm hex head, and 1 4mm hex head, ensuring that you have the right tool for any maintenance task.

Cleaning brushes specifically designed for .177-caliber and .22-caliber barrels are included, allowing for thorough cleaning of the bore to remove any lead deposits or debris. Additionally, the kit includes mops for both calibers, ensuring that you can apply lubricant evenly throughout the barrel, protecting it from corrosion.

The 25 cleaning pads included in the kit are perfect for applying cleaning solvents and oils, helping to break down residue and protect your airgun. The .177/.22-caliber thread adapter ensures that all the tools in the kit are compatible with both calibers, providing you with a versatile cleaning solution.

All these tools are neatly packed in a segmented and hinged hard plastic storage case, ensuring that your cleaning kit is organized and ready for use whenever you need it. Trust in the quality and precision of Umarex to keep your airgun in peak condition with this all-inclusive cleaning kit.


  • Comprehensive cleaning kit designed by Umarex specifically for .177-caliber and .22-caliber air rifles and pistols
  • Kit includes a 33" flexible cleaning rod, ensuring you can reach every part of your airgun's barrel
  • Comes with a 6-bit driver set, including 2 flat blades, 2 Phillips, 1 3mm hex head, and 1 4mm hex head
  • Includes .177-caliber and .22-caliber cleaning brushes
  • Features .177-caliber and .22-caliber mops
  • Contains 25 cleaning pads for use with cleaning solvents and oils
  • Equipped with a .177/.22-caliber thread adapter
For .177 Cal & .22 Cal Airguns
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