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Valken Pistol Mag Shaped Speed Loader 2 Pack

Valken Pistol Mag Shaped Speed Loader 2 Pack

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Valken's 2-pack of pistol magazine shaped speed loaders is a perfect compliment for any player who uses midcaps rifle magazines, pistol mags, sniper, or gas magazines. Both speed loaders come with included adaptors. Each speed loader holds around 120 BBs.


  • Tough polymer build
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile for various ammo types
  • Convenient trap door for easy filling
  • Translucent design for easy monitoring
  • Enhanced BB loading channel
  • Efficient BB agitator mechanism
  • Quick-resetting steel spring plunger
  • Secure O-ring in feeding nozzle
  • Locking plunger for added safety
  • Includes gas magazine adapter
  • Comes with 2 speed loaders
High Strength Polymer
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