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WE-Tech Galaxy G-Series Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol, Blue

WE-Tech Galaxy G-Series Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol, Blue

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As another impressive entry in WE’s arsenal of airsoft weapons, the Galaxy G-series pistols are a force to be reckoned with. This handy airsoft pistol can be a trusty sidearm or even a main weapon due to its versatility and great features. The pistol is constructed from high-quality polymer for the handle and a metal barrel. Its weight is realistic, but not overbearing to use in a match.

One of the great features of the Galaxy line is customizability. The pistol comes with two detachable 20mm Picatinny rails, allowing users to fit all their favorite pistol accessories. The weapon also has stock fiber optics iron sights on the barrel, but can easily be equipped with custom optics via the aforementioned rails.

To disassemble the pistol and adjust the hop-up, you need to remove the bolt by pushing a button at the back and use a tool on the needle at the front. The bolt also holds the firing mode selector, although this feature is accessible without removing the bolt entirely. Users can change between full and semi-automatic modes by pulling the bolt backwards, then flicking the selector switch near the back with their fingers.

This pistol comes with a 25-round stock magazine, but is compatible with many WE G-series magazines and their newest pistol drum magazines for greatly expanded ammo availability.


  • Durable full metal Ruger MK4 slide and barrel assembly paired with a robust polymer G-Series style lower frame
  • Top 20mm picatinny rail with detachable segments for versatile optic and accessory mounting options
  • Threaded outer barrel enables attachment of compensators or suppressors for customization
  • Fiber optic iron sights, mirroring those found on the Ruger MK4 firearm, for enhanced aiming accuracy
  • Concealed selector switch beneath the bolt permits seamless transition between firing modes
Power Source:
Green Gas
Canada Compliant:
300-320 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Rail Type:
1.15 lbs
Included Magazine:
25 Rounds
Package Includes:
Gun, Magazine, Manual
Fire Modes:
Safe, Semi Auto, Full Auto
Yes - Adjustable
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