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WE-Tech Hi-Capa 6" IREX Full Auto Competition GBB Airsoft Pistol, Black/Silver/Gold Barrel with Markings

WE-Tech Hi-Capa 6" IREX Full Auto Competition GBB Airsoft Pistol, Black/Silver/Gold Barrel with Markings

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Guns come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. This WE-Tech Hi-Capa 6” IREX Full Auto Competition GBB Airsoft Pistol isn’t just for practicality, as there is Tibetan script on the slide. It can shoot rapidly while looking exotic to onlookers no matter where you are.

The metal slide, frame, and barrel are CNC-finished for a premium firearm appearance. The serrations and Tibetan script are all etched into the surface, letting them last longer. Several lightening cuts are present to help reduce slide weight.
While you have some fiber-optic insert iron sights that work across the pistol’s entire effective range, the rear sight can be removed and replaced. You’ll need a compatible micro red dot sight, however.

Located at the bottom of the muzzle is a lengthy Picatinny rail. It measures 20mm wide and accepts many standard pistol accessories, like lights and lasers. Various real-life attachments will also fit because they are made for the same type of rails.
The skeletonized trigger and hammer are distinctive designs hailing from the 2010s, an age of firearms innovation. They increase the pistol’s visual appeal and are also fully functional.


  • CNC-finished slide and frame for precision
  • Slide cuts lighten slide for a competition-style appearance
  • Front and rear fiber optic sights with adjustable rear sight for accurate aiming
  • Competition-style barrel and railed frame for accessory mounting, with beveled magwell for smoother reloads
  • Anti-glare grooving along the pistol spine reduces glare for improved visibility
  • Ambidextrous safety and functioning beavertail safety for enhanced control
  • Brushed stainless accents for a sleek aesthetic
  • Included micro-dot mount for optic attachment
Power Source:
Green Gas
Canada Compliant:
300-330 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Rail Type:
Included Magazine:
30 Rounds
Package Includes:
Gun, Magazine, Manual
Fire Modes:
Safe, Semi Auto, Full Auto
Yes - Adjustable
Magazine Compatibility:
Compatible with KJW, WE, Tokyo Marui, and other similar airsoft Hi-Capa series magazines
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