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Well L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle with Fluted Barrel, Black

Well L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle with Fluted Barrel, Black

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Fluted barrels on rifles have several uses, such as weight reduction and increased surface area for cooling. However, airsoft weapons aren’t bothered by the heat, which is why they’re mostly there for weight and aesthetic reasons. This WellFire L96 replica has a fluted barrel, but that’s not all.
Unlike the other WellFire L96 rifles, this model doesn’t come with other accessories. The tactical rail on top is left bare to allow snipers to use any of their preferred scopes. Even without a bipod, you can still hit targets with ease.
The adjustable stock also has a different design, which is a departure from the original L96 stock. In terms of appearance, it looks more like a competition piece.
The magazine is detachable and holds 36 rounds. You should be able to take out lots of enemies before reloading, but carrying more magazines is always a good choice.


  • Durable ABS plastic construction for rugged use
  • Aluminum outer barrel enhances durability and realism
  • Top rail allows for scope and accessory attachment
  • Adjustable stock with cheek rest for personalized comfort and aiming efficiency
Power Source:
Canada Compliant:
390-400 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Rail Type:
39" / 47" (Retracted / Extended)
9 lbs
Included Magazine:
36 Rounds
Package Includes:
Gun, Magazine
Fire Modes:
Single Shot, Bolt Action
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