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WG CO2 Full Metal High Power 2" Magnum Airsoft Revolver, Black

WG CO2 Full Metal High Power 2" Magnum Airsoft Revolver, Black

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Now available in a very cool black finish—the WG CO2 Full Metal High Power 2" Magnum Airsoft Revolver, made for power and precision in airsoft skirmishes. This Win Gun is a mature mix of performance and style—an airsoft player's best performance piece.

With the intimidating FPS range of 400 - 500, this revolver is set to deliver high-impact gameplay. Measuring at 220mm by 145mm, and weighing 804g, the realistic weight of this revolver gives it a solid feel in your hands. This is a true powerhouse with the ability to reach distances of 70~100 feet, totally suitable for players who step onto the field for a takedown.

The 12 Gram CO2 cartridge powers the revolver by taking it in from the grip under the pistol, giving it sustained power as it thunders off shot after shot. With non-blowback operation, gas usage is smooth and steady, making it a very reliable side for an extended skirmish.

These can hold 6 shells each in the magazine. In each shell, there is only one BB: a real, true-to-life experience of a Revolver. This single-shot mechanism makes it more realistic and challenging, therefore more preferred by players with conservative shooting styles.

Adding to the gun itself are an orange tip for safe use and adherence to regulations, 6x shells for loading, one tactical optic rail to customize using additional sights and scopes, and 1 manual on the features and maintenance of the revolver. The CO2 Full Metal High Power 2" Magnum Airsoft Revolver features not only the power in its performance that matches its real counterpart but also subtle details in its construction.

This makes the perfect sidearm for shooting, targeting, and challenging players who are as picky as possible with the aspects of authenticity, performance, and style in airsoft weaponry. Airsoft Station has this revolver in stock and it is one that takes your playing ability to the next level by arming you with the ability to shoot beautifully.


  • Constructed with a robust full metal body for durability
  • Comes with full metal shells for a realistic feel
  • Compatible with standard 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • Features an included tactical rail to mount optics
  • Equipped with an adjustable rear sight for accuracy
  • Designed for quick and easy CO2 cartridge changes
Power Source:
Canada Compliant:
400-500 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
1.7 lbs
Included Magazine:
6 Rounds
Win Gun
Package Includes:
Gun, Orange Tip, 6x Shells, Tactical Optic Rail, and Manual
Fire Modes:
Single Shot
Magazine Model Number:
MAG-WG-702-Loader, MAG-WG-CNB701
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