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Zion Arms R&D Precision Licensed PW9 Mod 0 Airsoft Rifle, Black

Zion Arms R&D Precision Licensed PW9 Mod 0 Airsoft Rifle, Black

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The Zion Arms R&D Precision Licensed PW9 Mod 0 Airsoft Rifle is a must-have for any airsoft enthusiast. Manufactured by Zion Arms and R&D Precision, this electric automatic airsoft rifle features a CNC aluminum upper and lower receiver, full metal gearbox, adjustable rotary style hop-up, and programmable burst mode features. The rifle has a muzzle velocity of 380-400 FPS with 0.20g BBs, making it a powerful weapon on the field. The gear ratio is 18:1 with steel gears and 8mm bearings for added durability. The rifle comes with a 120-round mid-capacity magazine (also compatible with Classic Army X9 and Lancer Tactical LT-35 Battle X PCC magazines), and it is recommended to use an 11.1v Lipo brick battery (ZA-LIPO11.1V1100FD battery and charger included). The rifle is rear wired to a Deans connector for added convenience. The rifle is compact, with a length of 17 inches and a weight of 3.5 lbs. The black finish adds to the sleek and modern design of the rifle. Take your airsoft game to the next level with the Zion Arms R&D Precision Licensed PW9 Mod 0 Airsoft Rifle, now available at Airsoft Station.

Note: Battery & Charger DOES NOT come with purchase of rifle (11.1v LiPO Brick Battery wired to Deans & Smart Charger Recommended)


  • Experience the look, feel, and functionality of the real steel counterpart with the officially licensed 1:1 scale Zion Arms R&D Precision AEG
  • Easily mount lights, lasers, and other M-LOK compatible accessories with the 6 inch M-LOK handguard
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility with the handguard's QD sling mounting holes on both sides, allowing you to mount slings on the left or right side to accommodate your preferred shooting style
  • The metal Version 2 gearbox has been reinforced and redesigned for enhanced durability, featuring ultra-smooth 8mm bearings, 18:1 steel gear, steel teeth, polycarbonate piston, bearing spring guide, rotary hop-up, and a 19k RPM neodymium magnet high-speed motor that delivers consistent performance.
  • Low resistance wiring reduces the risk of battery damage, ensuring reliable power delivery.
  • The copper polished 6.03mm tightbore barrel offers improved range and accuracy, allowing you to hit targets at distances of up to 200 feet with 0.20g BBs.
  • The full metal gearbox features a quick-change spring design that can be accessed through the rear cap, making it quick and easy to swap out springs to adjust your FPS.
  • The PW9 rifle features R&D's unique modular picatinny stock mount design, which allows you to attach and detach stocks in a matter of seconds, giving you maximum customization options
  • Versatile full length 20mm picatinny rail accommodates various accessories such as optics, lights, lasers, and PEQ boxes
  • Equipped with Zion Arms' advanced electronic trigger unit, featuring a flat trigger and enlarged trigger guard for improved shooting comfort and speed on semi-auto mode
  • Ergonomically designed polymer textured grip for enhanced grip and comfortable handling during prolonged gameplay
  • Offers multiple firing modes, including full-auto, semi-auto, and programmable burst modes with a functional safety for added control and safety
  • Comes with a 9mm 120 round mid capacity magazine for sustained fire
  • Package includes the gun, magazine, clearing rod, speedloader, battery, charger, lipo sack, patch, and manual for hassle-free operation and maintenance.
LiPO Ready:
Power Source:
Canada Compliant:
380-400 FPS w/ 0.20g BBs
Battery & Charger Included:
Rail Type:
Battery Type:
11.1v LiPO Brick Battery (Deans)
Motor Type:
3.5 lbs
Full Metal Version 2 Gearbox
Quick Change Spring:
Included Magazine:
120 Rounds
Zion Arms / R&D Precision
Package Includes:
Gun, Magazine, Clearing Rod, Speedloader, Battery, Charger, Lipo Sack, Patch, Manual
Fire Modes:
Safe, Semi Auto, Full Auto
Yes - Adjustable
Magazine Model Number:
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